To receive the plans and the approved policies of the Municipality in connection with the district duties and planning for performing them

To supervise the observance of all rules and regulations relevant to the necessary duties and action in order to perform all bylaws and communicated instructions of the Municipality correctly, while obtaining the continuous notice about their changes
To control and monitor of preserving and managing of movable & immovable properties of the Municipality of the district
To supervise the performance of the district Municipality transactions including selling & purchasing of the movable & immovable properties, leasing & renting in the name the Municipality and the affairs related to the land and properties which are placed in the path of civil developmental plans, by observing the regulations of transactional & financial bylaws of the Municipality and based on delegated authorities
To supervise the estimation and suggestion of the annual budget of the district based on communicated forms and instructions by the central Municipality and request for amending or supplement to the budget if needed
To monitor the performance of all current and developmental expenses in the framework of the approved budget and prepare the financial reports and the necessary statistics according to the legal needs or the bylaws and criteria of the Municipality. Note: the Mayor and Financial & Admin Deputy of the district are responsible for performing the budget of the district's Municipality and the assignment of this responsibility by the Mayor to the other officers of the Municipality shall not terminate the responsibility
To monitor the collection of the duties and legal incomes of the Municipality at district level according to the related tariffs and instructions and try to encourage the people to pay the duties on time and welcome the co-operation and assistance of the citizens
To oversee the performance of Admin, personnel, services, supplying affairs of the district in the framework of the rules and regulations
To offer the names of the members of the transactions & delivery commissions by observing of the related regulations
To supervise the performance of the affairs relevant to the construction license, construction completion license, business license, non-violation license and plan inquiry issuance and consider the request for separation and control the construction at district level generally and prevent from unauthorized constructional activities according to the communicated criteria and instructions
To monitor the performance and execution of developmental operations such as construction, amendment, roadway passages development, sidewalk of the squares, curbing, asphalt, passages mosaic and like them in the framework of the communicated plans and instructions
To predict and perform needed actions in order to protect the district from natural disasters (Earthquake, Flood, etc.) and unnatural within the duties of the Municipality and remove any danger from the passages and public places in coordinating with the relevant units
To oversee the controlling of the public health and cleanliness of the environment through collecting the garbage, cleaning of the passages, public kennels and water & wastewater treatment ducts and dredging the aqueducts at district level
To monitor the construction method, development and preservation of the public green space and beatification of the district boundary in the framework of the communicated plans and related criteria
To supervise the performance method of removing the disturbance of the environment pollutant industries and annoying jobs in coordination with the relevant units and elimination of the passage barrier and prevent any type of unauthorized usage of the public places
To oversee the performance of the affairs related to transportation and traffic control at district level such as geometric amendment of the passages, installation & maintenance of traffic lights, lineation of the passages, etc. based on communicated plans and relevant criteria
To monitor the performance of cultural & social activities at district level such as the construction & management of the cultural centers affairs, cultural houses, sport & recreational centers, libraries, collaboration in preserving of the ancient buildings & works and holding the sport competitions while observing the related criteria and in the framework of the communicated plans
To supervise the selection of the qualified contractors based on the relevant regulations and rules in order to perform the developmental and technical projects, urban services affairs and green space and conduct the contract with them and quantitative & qualitative controlling the good performance
Consideration and explicit commenting in respect to complaints stated by the people and perform needed actions for removing the complaints
To monitor the ceremonies and national & religious celebrations at district level in coordination with the related organizations
To oversee the collection, organization, maintenance and updating all statistics and information related to the duties turned over in the boundary under supervision and co-operation with Statistics Organization, Computer Services & Information and the Center for Study & Planning of Tehran City as well as other units that need this information in relation with their duties
Supervising and coordination in order to co-operate with the General Department of Education of the Municipality in organization affairs; to improve the methods and train the personnel of the district and other units of Tehran Municipality
To monitor the preparation of the periodic and sectional performance reports for the district activities and confirmation in order to submit to the responsible authorities according to the relevant regulations and instructions
To perform the other affairs which are delegated or referred from the superior, in the duties boundary

Public Relation of Tehran Municipality Region 5

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