Region 5 is a region from the regions of Tehran municipality which is located in the northwest of Tehran.Before formation of region 22, the region5 was included of the westernmost border city of Tehran. A precinct during in era that had been founded with green marginal villages of Tehran, due to of this location which is located in foothills that contains favorable climate and appropriate accessibility, distinguished urban structure and other factors caused that this region had been the most growth of popularity and framework in two last decade This region has been included with about 54.7 hectare area approximately, and population is about 850000 person :The limitations of this region as follows From the north confined to the north height's of Tehran From the east limited to Ashrafi Esfahani – Mohammad Ali Jenah expressway From the south bounded to Karaj exclusive freeway From the west confined to ravine of Can The region 5 is limited to region 2 from the east .And from the south adjacent to region 9 , and from the west is located near region of 21 & 22. And the north hills are contained the north of region
Prerequisite of intentions' of honorable mayor for reaching to the vision's development in 1404 horizon is having definite plans that from time when I've entered to the region5 as major concern of management. Accordingly as a priority and necessity and consider to the past experiences this action and huge pace has been implemented in the direction of development In preparation process program of promoting quality of citizens' life of region and boosting level of satisfactory as the main goal have been considered that attendance group of councils and effective institution and local actives with a group of experts of urban management in region in terms of treats, opportunities, weak points, strong points the subjects have been enumerated and ultimately, after go through of these steps, the development plan of region based on scientific principals and utmost cooperation, creation of vast interactions and scope surveying presence and realistic perception and with vision of incorporation of planning from down to up and vice versa in three section of region, zones and 29 districts for period years between 1388 to 1392 with five years horizon has been presented in the format documents' of strategies. With preparation of these documents and exchange among assistants and mayor's zones and secretary councils and commence of execution phase in the year of "Consumption pattern modification" Meanwhile of prevention from fire opportunities and performing of personal management and self -stylish management in the region and determination of unique policy of management with utilization from the last scientific methods of planning and special perspective of the region (localization of program) with uninterrupted feedback and activation of support committee of process document, following proceedings in chronological declaration, it has definitely brought fundamental development and persistent effects for 29 districts of region5
On the basis of internal divisions of Tehran municipality documents, in current situation the region consists of 7 zones and 29 sectors or districts. Between seven zones , Zone 3 has the most area that contain 8 districts. And zone 5 has the least area with only 3 districts :Outline history and deployment phases and development of structure in the region We consider to initial infrastructure of the region in 5 sections that the most important of it is Can village. In addition of Can village, five other sections in terms of antiquity are similar to Can and they has returned to ancient era in the past. These sections was Baghe- Feyz, Hesarak village, Morad abad, Hassan abad and Vesk The two restricted area of Hassan abad and Vesk have conformed in urban schema of the region Although , it has never been considerable consequences , but three other restricted area have contained of past effects. The region 5 has shaped with seven zones. In terms of antiquity , habitancy in the north of the region specifically in the two zone of 2 and 3 has ancient background The history of Can village in the zone 2 has returned in two thousands years ago. Even on the basis of some research the history points to before emersion of Islam Can village has been used as caravansary in the past. The main reasons for residence of continuation in this village are path of pilgrims and proper climate. Baghe Feyz and Poonak are the settlements in the north and the northwest of Tehran. Despite the more antiquity of these sections there is not any vivid document and definite history for evolution. Primary core of these sections are Baghe Feyz and poonak villages. Crossing river of Can from the range of these villages and Ein- Ali and Zein-Ali shrines are the core of primary habitats in these two sections
If we have divided the region in two parts of north and south , the set of zones 1,2,3,7 in the north has the older history in contrast with the south zones The last wave of residence in the forty decade had been beginning from south of these zones to the north of these ones. Commencing of habitancy in the zones of 5 and 6 also began in forty decade. In the zone 4 has started in the middle of fifty decade The first signs of construction have been available to visit between 1345 to 1358 on maps .The region had been developing slowly. And second refinery of Tehran has been established on the pass of Can village , that has been shaped by constructing of residential blocks in the north of this refinery with one and two floor buildings in the east on the early of forty decade Therefore, in the middle of these years, residential format with network transportation have expanded on two axis, Share- Ziba freeway (Ayatollah Kashani) and Tehran-Karaj expressway that around of these axis, buildings have been constructed. Building of aryashahr near the region, and development of residential area close to Shahre ziba district have been extended. Ferdos, Mehran, Sazman barnameh and keyhan district have been formed or started with construction of buildings. In neighborhood of Karaj highway Apadana and Bimeh district have been constituted. It is important that in the formation of streets and urban format in the region during of years that have mentioned before and coinciding of engineering templates and accurate planning due to old networks and organized of sections which have been developed in arranged way. Second changes related to the years between 1358 to 1366. In this era residential format in the limitation of region has been developed dramatically and nearly all of southern part of region had been constructed. On the other hand with activation of accommodation cooperatives and different organization and wide spreading of this region , theses constructions have been expanded in all of the region In these years land of Poonak, Shahran, Jannat Abad , Air force town, kohsar , Almahdi town , Sazman Barnameh district , Sazman Ab employees , Mabass town have been developing during this era. And consequently , on theses constructions , urban networks as regards of resident population in limited area have been constructed quickly. Totally , it can be declared that , west margin of Tehran during the expansion of city and migration had been increased in the middle of sixty decade and it has been attached to Tehran , and before that it would be considered as marginal of Tehran Increment of capacity in central area of Tehran and increasing of land price and housing in these areas in such way that , other migrants had not afforded to settle in these areas , and in other regions on that time which have been considered as a marginal regions. Being of many factories and great and small workshops on the margins of Tehran-Karaj high way have also added the desirability of western area of Tehran. Moreover, many of mediocre and low level of people who could not afforded to settle in central areas, with provision of cheaper land price in west of Tehran that they had started to build in these areas. Except of these groups, some of organizations cooperatives had bought cheap land price in the marginal of Tehran and they had begun to build apartments for their members of these cooperatives Third area of changes occurred in the years between 1366 to 1373 . In this era, development format of region that had begun after Islamic reveloution. So that north range of Iran Pars expressway that had considered less than the other areas of region for constructing During of seventies decade up to now, according to dramatic growth of speculation and lands economy, destruction and renovation of old buildings have been accelerated in comparison of the last decade. And also barren lands in the 5 region can be used in the form of collections and residential complexes From including of ranges that have been formed in the region, it could be mentioned of Daneshgah twon, Havanirooz town that located in the west of Farahzad way and Ghoveh-GHazaieh on the north east of region. In recent years, according to the following development of freeway networks demands for preparing of housing has increased significantly in recent decade, and it has caused for enhancing of prices. Many of buildings that their ages have not exceeded more than many years have been destructed and have been substituted with new apartments. Despite of this fact that there is still many lands that their utilizations are agricultural, and nowadays has seen in a form of barren lands among the buildings. Ultimately, it can be said that, region 5 though exists in proper environment and appropriate platform which many reasons that have been contributed in formation of region by transportation network, identity and sense of ownership that caused for desperation among the residents and it might be caused the future sense
In order to accomplishment of guidance of supreme leader based on facilitate and acceleration in current affaires and reverence and building trust among people and on implementation of Dr.Ghalibaf policies with approach of district oriented and circuit citizen, region5 has been setting goal according to the plans of 5 years and 3 years and eighteen month in documents that coincident on the development of districts relying on upper documents (detailed comprehensive plan) of region in three level of region – zone and districts that contain of Provision of capitation in seventh urban services - Needs assessment and provide deficits and substantial requirements of districts - Creation of appropriate environment and high level quality of living in the region - Low cost transition from current situation to achieve desired status - Determine sustainable management policies - What have been mentioned above are the top affaires in plans These plans and documents have being gathered for developing accordance of social justice in the region from wide speared of collaboration and cooperation by citizens with interaction to councils, local elite,local reliable persons with major goal of urban sustainable development from creation of capacities in the field of social and partnership. :For this reason, documents of deployment of districts according to method and templates consist of Detection of weakness points and strength points - Opportunities and threats - Indicators of development in 29 districts of region - Vision- Goals and strategies of every district - Implementation of supplementary studies - Identification of social inconveniences- Strategies and approaches of exit, according to knowledge and demand-
In this document, according to the visions that considered in structural – strategic plan for Tehran municipality there is some visions that mentioned as bellow Identity to the region Extension of tourism activities Safety against natural events Reinforcement of official operation and tourism and entertainment for decreasing role of dormitory Optimum utility from urban infrastructure specifically transportation networks and creation of entertaining and welfare of region Protector of Tehran in terms of ultra region in cultural, tourism, Sport, Communication and special supply housing On a basis of Tehran's vision document in 1404 of region5, the region have social stability ,taking part of citizenship and district dependency, with high quality of urban environment and social welfare, with upgrade the place of region as tourism focus ,promenade and entertaining of west of Tehran and covering from sustainable earnings resources and current traffic . In recent years, the region 5 with comprehensive planning in a specific program that has been prepared for 5 years and documents of strategy of development in 29 districts that have been gathered in this regard, social capitation, cultural and infrastructural and urban affaires had been improved significantly